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High Speed Recovery

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Cloud Connect Replication enables quick recovery times, allowing speedy recovery of your data. Improve your RPO and RTO today!

Data Loss Avoidance

Low recovery point objectives can be enabled in a matter of minutes to help our clients avoid data loss. Secure Off-Site Solutions works with Veeam software to facilitate off-site data protection for extra security.

Verified Recoverability

Secure Off-Site Solutions works to ensure that all files, applications, and virtual servers can be quickly restored when needed, using automated backup services and DR testing to provide business resiliency.

Ultimate Backup Flexibility

Veeam supports multi-hypervisors and agents, protecting VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs from one console, as well as Linux and MS Windows agents. Support is available for any mix of storage options.

We protect your business

Secure Off-Site Solutions works with each client to create custom virtual backup and recovery solutions designed to protect their business through replication of stored data. Production storage via enterprise-grade SAN or local storage on a virtual host, local backup that runs through Veeam Backup & Replication, and secure data center transfers help us to maintain three copies of data for our clients at any given time. Depending on your company's needs, our team of highly skilled, trained, and experienced technicians can help you to achieve your goals while maintaining a high level of security and adherence to budget requirements.

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication (DRaaS)

One of the significant advantages associated with using Veeam is that it enables Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaas) as part of an overall comprehensive availability strategy. This approach embraces virtualization and storage investments in your infrastructure and extends them through our secure data centers. VM replication is both affordable and efficient, delivering image-based, true cloud-based disaster recovery for all applications (RTPOs < 15 minutes), while providing dedicated support throughout the entire process. Secure Off-Site Solutions can help you to get the most out of DRaaS with Veeam Cloud Connect VM replication to provide you with fast, reliable, and fully-integrated cloud-based disaster recovery services.